The Algorithm of Involvement, devised by the HSC Service User and Carer Group is available, a useful flowchart which shows the correct procedure for involving service users and carers.

As with anyone else coming into the faculty as a visitor, some form of induction needs to be given with relevant information about the particular activity being undertaken and with particular attention to access needs.

It is good practice to offer training and or briefing/information sessions for people coming in to assist in faculty activity or to ensure that this is available to people from other sources.

It is also good practice to provide some kind of job description or brief to identify exactly what you want service users and carers or members of the public to undertake and to indicate the terms and conditions you are able to offer.

Further information about the initiative can be found in the Guidance for staff seeking to involve service users, carers and members of the public in teaching and research activity within the faculty.