10 Easy Tips.

Top 10 Tips for Positive User and Carer Involvement
  1. Get to know the users and carers you will work with, an informal meeting will pay dividends
  2. Identify the users and carers access needs and plan how you will meet them, get it right first time 
  3. Agree payment and expenses in advance so no misunderstandings occur and if necessary encourage the individual to seek information about any affect on benefits. 
  4. Arrange for users and carer to be met and greeted at reception and taken to the room until they are fully orientated to the Campus
  5. Give academic support throughout the teaching session or meeting
  6. Give clear learning objectives for the session in advance to the service users and carers, so they can be better focused and prepared 
  7. Help with planning and reviewing sessions, give advice on good activities etc, share your knowledge of teaching as they share their knowledge and experiences 
  8. Ensure all paperwork is completed and sent immediately to the person who co-ordinates Casual Claim payments. See Practical Information for advice on payments etc.
  9. An evaluation of the session/meeting  - did it go well? What could be improved?   
  10. Say 'thanks' and keep in touch if it is appropriate, if people are unwell they may not want to participate for a while, but often come back when they are feeling better if you have done this
      (based on information from the Learning Disabilities Nursing Department)
There is more information in 'Involving service users and carers in social work education' by Enid Levin