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Publication year:  2013 
Running time: 19 mins 53 seconds
This film is from a project which examines social work from the perspective of service users and carers across three countries, Northern Ireland, Slovenia and Spain. Social work students from Queen’s University, Belfast, Northern Ireland, the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia and the University of Alicante, Spain interviewed service users and carers on film using seven questions developed to examine key areas of social work skills, knowledge and values. The service users and carers were all already working across the three universities and had prior experience of involvement in social work education. Each country developed its own film and the three films were then edited together to produce a film where all of the service users and carers can be seen responding to the seven questions. The authors believe the films will help student social workers to understand social work knowledge, skills and values in an international context. 

User Involvement in Voluntary Organisations Shared Learning Group - Dealing with behaviour that we find challenging February 2013

An extensive reading list, updated September 2011:  Service user and carer involvement reading list

Jill Anderson, Senior Project Development Officer, Mental Health in Higher Education has complied this reading list (Aug 2013) : Service User and Carer involvement in assessment bibliography

Additional reading:

The British Journal of Psychiatry: Antipsychotics - is it time to introduce patient choice? 2012, 201:83-84. Anthony P. Morrison, Paul Hutton, David Shiers and Douglas Turkington. Editorial

On Realise Development: An imaginary open letter 'To those who would 'engage' us'

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 Making it Happen - service user and carer/PPI involvement in your programme

Presentations from the 21 November 2012 event: 

Working Appreciatively – Jon Fieldhouse, co-lead for SUCI in HLS (Allied Health Professions)
The Social Work HUB Group, the function and development – Ruth Sayers, HUB Group member and Jonathan Coles, HUB Group facilitator
Sharing our experiences of the service user and carer involvement in formative assessment – Eric Broussine, Senior Lecturer, Robert Absalom, service user and Tracy Hyde, service user
Public Involvement in Research – an outline of the Public contribution to research in the Faculty and how this links with wider Faculty service user and carer involvement - David Evans, Professor in Health Services Research (Public Involvement)

Asking the Experts by Experience, the beginning – Nichola Lambert, Programme Manager for Mental Health Nursing: The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman and in audiofile, read by Maggie Hehir Play / Download the audio file (wav file 3MB)

Disability Awareness - Fiona Douglas, Lecturer in Occupational Therapy
A summary of a research project undertaken to ascertain the views of patients, students and mentors in relation to patient feedback on students in practice, project undertaken by Jayne James, Kate McMahon-Parkes, Senior Lecturers in Adult Nursing, Linda Chapman, Practice Educational Lead, RUH Bath

 University of Nottingham - Involving Service Users and Carers in your teaching, including top tips, practical issues and other approaches -

User involvement in voluntary organisations - A shared learning group
A useful resource of shared practice papers on all stages of involvement

Simulation and service users participation protocol

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Skills Actor Profile

Recorded Skills Activities Consent and Release Form

Practical Skills Lay Actor

Letter of Agreement

 Patient Information & Support Groups

The Power of Information (easy read)

The Power of Information

The Sickle Cell Society - OSCAR Trust is a small voluntary organisation registered as a charitable trust whose aims and objectives are to improve awareness of Sickle Cell Disease and support affected people and their families.

Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia Bristol Support Group

 The College of Social Work has produced some guidance on assessing social work practice against the Professional Capabilities Framework: Principles for gathering and using feedback from people who use services and those who care for them

Health Professions Council - Education and Training Committee, 8 March 2012 Service user involvement in the design and delivery of education and training programmes leading to registration with the HPC Executive summary and recommendations

Webber, M. & Robinson, K. (2011) The Meaningful Involvement of Service Users and Carers in Advanced-Level Post-Qualifying Social Work
: A Qualitative Study, British Journal of Social Work (advance access)

The SocialWork Reform Board is undertaking an ambitious programme of reform in the UK. This includes enhancing the professional status of social work and reforming social work education. The nature and purpose of service user and carer involvement at all levels of social work education need to be considered alongside this. However, the nature of meaningful involvement of service users and carers in advanced post-qualifying education has not been clearly articulated.

Full text available here:

The involvement of users and carers in social work education: a practice benchmarking study. February 2012 SCIE Report 54

Our Consumer Place New Resources – the resource centre run entirely by people diagnosed with "mental illness". Several resources produced by the team at 'Our Consumer Place', in partnership with 'Our Community' click for more information

The People with Experience work stream aims to involve CETL4HealthNE partners and voluntary sector groups in developing an online multimedia database of narrative resources related to individuals’ experiences of health and social care which will be used to support the learning of health and social care students studying in the North East. To read more click here

A guide commissioned by Scottish Social Services Learning Network West in collaboration with Learning Network South East. It is based on research conducted in 2008 and commissioned by these Learning Networks to explore the extent of service user and carer involvement in the Higher and Further Education sectors in west and southeast Scotland.

A website offering practice assessment tools which include Service User and Carer aspects. They are free to use in educational settings, although developed for AHPs they are appropriate for other health and social care programmes           

Assessment and Learning in Practice Settings:

Main site

A 45 min video of research completed by people with learning disabilities about the history of learning disabilities services from the workhouse to the closure of long stay hospitals. This includes oral histories from people who lived and worked at a long stay institution in the late 70’s and early 80’s.



 Animated stories of people's experiences:

Best Practice The patient/family feedback sheet and guidance for the adult nursing branch: Jan 09, Sept 09, Sept 08 Sept 2010 cohorts will be using these: Leaflet 1, Leaflet 2, guidance

Working Together

Service User and Carer Engagement in Health and Social Care: A toolkit for education, research and development.

This toolkit provides a flexible set of resources for people who work in universities in health, social care and social work departments who are considering or developing the engagement of service users and carers in teaching programmes and research. It provides practical advice and case examples which can be used to support these processes.

A study of Service user and carer involvement in student nurse selection:

Key stakeholder perspectives carried out by Christine A. Rhodes, Idah D. Nyawata from the School of Human and Health Sciences, University of Huddersfield

The aim of this study was to evaluate an innovation where service users and carers were involved in the recruitment of child and adult nursing students.

The ‘Bradton’ project - an inter-professional learning and teaching resource

The Division of Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy at the University of Bradford with the Comensus project at the University of Central Lancashire and Advocacy in Action in Nottingham, have developed on-line learning materials in collaboration with service users and carers. This has involved people sharing their experiences of health and social care, to build the virtual community 'Bradton'. Read more

Bristol Health Partners ( ) is a key regional initiative for us that facilitates collaborations between four NHS partners, Bristol City Council, University of Bristol and ourselves to transform understanding, and help prevent of disease and improve delivery of health care in the region for the benefit of the patient.

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