Available through the library (books) or library catalogue (articles to download). Please email David Evans if you have other references it would be useful to list here.

In 2010, a series of five workshops entitled 'Rhetoric or Reality' was hosted by SUCIR and the Centre for Learning and Workforce Research at UWE, to explore issues regarding service user and carer involvement in research in health and social care. The workshops were attended by service users, carers, academics, third sector workers, clinicians and NHS managers. One outcome of the series was a set of guidelines for involving service users and carers in research: Poster available here and leaflet available here (both designed to be printed in colour on A3 paper) 


Davies R. and Evans D. (2010) Public Involvement in Research.  How can organisations collaborate to improve involvement?  Produced at UWE on behalf of fourteen stakeholder organisations in Bristol and the South West. 

The Citizens’ Jury Report – Reference as follows: Citizens’ Jury (2006) Towards a more caring City.  Report of the 2006 Citizen’s Jury on the research priorities for Bristol Primary Health and Social Care

An article relating to the Citizen’s Jury Report – Reference: Gooberman-Hill R., Horwood J., & Calnan M. (2008) Citizens’ juries in planning research priorities: process, engagement and outcome.  Health Expectations, vol 11, pp 272-281

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Policy and Documentation


Practical Information


Casual Claim form used for payment for hours involved and travel expenses here

Travel expenses only here

The Algorithm for Payment including details of rates of pay for various roles.

Right to work evidence is required before payment (not expenses) may be made, information here

The SUCI Office at Glenside (room 1B28) offers a work place for users and carers involved in the Faculty, somewhere to access emails, or drop off material for teaching sessions, or a place to meet academic staff and make arrangements.

Fiona Earlam, the Service User and Carer Initiative Administrator, is based there. Fiona has been working with service users and carers in the School for many years and has built up expertise in accessible communications, disability awareness, and links with user and carer led community groups. Fiona is happy to talk with staff about the practicalities of service user and carer involvement in the Faculty.

UWE, Bristol considers a service user, carer or member of the public participating in activities in the Faculty are providing a service to the Faculty and payment is available on request.  Service users and carers in receipt of benefits, could be affected by receiving payment and it is their responsibility to seek advice from CAB and/or Department of Work and Pensions. However, there is some very helpful advice from the National Institute for Health Research; Payment for Involvement in Research document which is also relevant for involvement in teaching and learning.


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