Service Users and Carers Initiative.

Summary of Work of the Faculty SUCI group

During Feb 2009-September 2010 the Faculty SUCI group has worked on a number of projects including

  • The group has worked with programme leaders/teams giving advice and support for inclusion in the EDUs. This resulted in high levels of involvement which was positively review by internal and external valuation panel members.
  • Developing an algorithm of Involvement which is available on the UWE SUCI website
  • This algorithm has been developed to provide guidance to staff who are working with service users and cares to ensure best practice
  • Clarifying payment processes
  • There were some differences in how service users and carers where paid. This has been clarified and a payments document is available on the SUCI website, we are working with HR, Administrative staff and finance to finalise a payment information sheet for staff and one for service users and carers. Whilst we have more clarity over internal payment systems there are ongoing problems with payment due to government policies on payments and benefits. David Evans is leading on this aspect championing payment for involvement at national forums.
  • Sharepoint
  • This year a Sharepoint group has been established for the Faculty SUCI group as a repository for work under progress and documentation.
  • Website
  • The website has been improved and a link to the SUCI pages is now on the Staff Net front page
  • SUCI audit
  • A sub group have developed, piloted and completed a SUCI audit. The audit was completed during June-August and an action plan from the audit is at the end of this document.
  • Administration
  • We now have a permanent SUCI administrator. This is a big step forward as admin support for SUCI is now embedded in the core business of the faculty.