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Hi Dave!!!

Welcome to the Facilitating Learning and Assessing in Practice (FLAP) Module at Levels 2, 3 and M. We hope you find the module challenging and enjoyable.  The module uses a blended approach: Self- directed study by the use of Online Learning Units and attendance to 3 workshop days at University which support the materials you are expected to read.

NB: Practice Teaching students only;

The Practice Teaching module is managed differently to the FLAP module . Please read your module handbook Welcome page . However the resources found here are generic and applicable to your role as Practice Teacher.

The FLAP module is intended to meet the needs of all Health Care Professionals who may mentor, assess or supervise a student within their chosen profession. It is designed to enhance your role as a facilitator of learning and as a mentor in professional practice by exploring and analysing the relationship between theory and practice.


The Aim:

To provide you with theory and practical skills to facilitate learning and assess pre and post qualified students. 

For Nurses, Midwives and Specialist Community Public Health Nurses the aim is to assist you in developing your facilitation and mentoring skills in line with the NMC (2008) requirements of a mentor who `…facilitates learning, and supervises and assesses students in the practice setting.’    The Mentor will meet the outcomes for Stage 2 NMC Standards to Support Learning and Assessment in Practice (SLAiP) (2008).  

For HPC Practitioners the aim is to enhance your facilitating and assessing skills to enable you to support new practitioners on a specified degree or foundation degree programme, as well as peers, in order to establish and maintain standards of proficiency in practice. 

The module intends to explore:

  1. Facilitating learning by considering learning styles, facilitation and evaluation methods.
  2. Assessing in practice by considering 3 main concepts: the learning environment, the assessment process and the feedback process.

The total time required to complete any 15 credit module work is 150 notional hours over 4 months. 

For the FLAP Module this is broken down into planned University facilitation and support sessions (21 hours) and your own independent, self -directed study.  You will read the Online Learning Units and undertake the activities.  This includes searching for resources.  You will also need time each week for learning in practice to enable you to undertake the facilitation and assessing of learners.  Ultimately required hours of study will relate to your personal learning style.

The units should be easy to use if you follow the suggested guidelines.  Our suggestion to you would be to firstly consider your time management skills .This is important to allow time to complete the units’ reading and activities.  Secondly we suggest reading through the units initially, and then reading through the units a second time completing the activities as you go, utilising your own work experiences within your answers.

There are nine units for levels 2, 3 and M.  In the units you will find activities within boxes, once you have undertaken the activity, the reading material following is constructed in such a way that it will then give you an indication of the expected response to the activity.

NB:  Practice Teaching module : please read your module handbook Welcome page to advise. 

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