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Welcome to the Facilitating Learning and Assessment in Practice module 2009-10.    This module consists of 9 units which can currently be undertaken at Level 3 or Masters Level.  8 generic units suitable for any specialist group and unit 9  which is a profession specific unit . You need to ensure that you have the unit that is relevant to your profession e.g. Nursing, Midwifery, Physiotherapy, or Occupational Therapy etc

Activity boxes are included in the units for you to think about the work you are doing and relate to yourself and your practice area. Comments should be put on the discussion board to discuss with other students.  Click on the relevant link and this will take you to the discussion board in UWE online.

 Following completion of each unit, it is expected that you will complete the assessment component, so that you are gradually accumulating the material for your assignment.   The assignment overall will make a portfolio of evidence using 4000 words that allow reflection and evaluation of your personal experiences, completion/or design and completion of learning plans and assessment forms for learners in your area of practice. The assignment is slightly different for each of these levels, so please ensure that you have the correct assignment information and guidelines at the start of this module.

 Facilitating Learning and Assessment in Practice is a blended learning module, which means that you have 3 structured study days to attend at uwe (one each month) and Distance Learning material that you must complete in between attending UWE.   If you are a Trust employee then you should be entitled to five study days in total. If you’re governing body is the NMC it expects you to give 5 days of your own time in addition to the course. (NMC 2006)  Accreditation can be made through the University for ACE and APPLE accreditation at the end of the course.

 The module should equate to 150 hours of study. This is broken down as distance learning work of 32 hours; study days as 15 hours; learning in practice, reading, researching, practical teaching and assessing up to 103 hours.   You must complete this module within three months.

 There is an additional time required for Midwives , as you are required to complete a workbook as a Sign-off Mentor before completing this module (NMC, 2006). To do this you will have a further time to complete the extra material the nmc expect you to have comleted this in the next 6 mnths.

Nurses can also do the Sign off part of the pack but they will need a sign off buddy in practice or a practice teacher.   

 The course team hope that you enjoy the module and enhance your knowledge base in facilitating learning and assessing.    Please do not hesitate to contact the module leader for support with any queries you may have. IT and library support is available through the normal University and Faculty facilities.

You will need Macromedia Flash player installed on your P.C. in able to complete some of the exercises.

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